a game whose object is to hit another guy in the nuts unexpectadly. The last one in the group of guys playing to give up wins.
haha i just yarged you.
by specialk91 February 03, 2011
a word meant to express utter dissatisfaction, some stress, and a little frazzle
"my car ran outta gas so now i have to walk all the way to 7-11, yarg"
by nick October 24, 2004
A wordy variation of "arg".
Arg, why does "yarg" have this extra letter!
by Kristina February 17, 2004
Yarg: A explamation that extremely confused or usually "Retarded" people use when saying the word "yes".
(Opposite of "Narg")
The extremely tall, dazed and confused man who seemed slightly a bit retarded answered in reply to his "master":
"Yarg". (Meaning "Yes")
by leighton jesse seefluth April 17, 2008
I believe it to be some kind of drink. This is heard in the completely fictional song featuring the line 'yo ho ho and a bottle of yarg.' sung in a foney pirate voice unlike the rest of the song. Origins unknown.
Also yargity: a word with no purpose or meaning. Shouted randomly, or possibly the name of computer characters for which the player chooses a name. EG. Yargity (Barbarian) was killed by Fallen Shaman.
by basil June 08, 2004
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