a word used by pirates whenever possible.
Yarg! Thar She Blows
by tom beach February 18, 2004
Top Definition
an ironic invocation of the pirate spirit by rule-bound individuals frustrated by the setbacks of civilized life
yarg, my cable bill tripled in the last month
by cody February 12, 2004
An expression of anger or frustration
"Yarg, this damn thing won't open!"
by Jameir January 29, 2004
You are really gross
You see someone eating a bad apple
you say, "YARG."

You see some one being dumb.

by 15stargaze Amy Midori September 08, 2011
Yarg is when you take 2 fingers on both hands then rapidly push into you're targets kindey causing them to laugh or flip out.
I yarged Brad so hard yesterday he farted.
by blakishblood November 26, 2011
the reaction to something disgusting. the sound you make when you see or hear something disgusting.
him: i just love peanut butter and mayo sandwiches!

her: yarg.
by yargqueen February 23, 2011
a vulgar term referring to the male scrotum
Please tickle my yarg
by kwyk June 13, 2011
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