yarf is a slightly negitive greating in the vulpin language, usually used to in a wat to imply one isn't feeling well
yarf, i have a horrible headache.
by seave April 07, 2010
Top Definition
To not only throw up, but to do it with a terrible yelling sound. If done properly yarfing will cause veins to pop out and eyes to water.
That swamp donkey just made me yarf all over the place!
by Yoda December 09, 2004
The act of throwing up so violently the person is yelling at the same time.
Bro 1- You were so drunk last night.

Bro 2- I know I yarffed all over the bathroom.
To throw up
I yarfed on my shoes.
by travis gordon January 28, 2004
To violently throw-up
Last night i got so drunk, and after i totaly yarfed
by Greg B May 17, 2005
We do yarf all the time
by Yarf May 11, 2016
To yawn and barf at the same time.
This shit is so boring, I couldn't stop myself from yarfing.
by quaa55 August 14, 2011
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