A collection or gathering of trailer trash chicks
Yo, Ed needs to stop picking up chicks at yard sales.
by ev dawg lv83 March 23, 2009
Pretty much a place that you get stuff to sell on eBay, and then pretty much they are wound up on other one of these places so another person can sell it on eBay and so forth
Oh I found this eBay item on a yard sale...lets put that back on eBay because it is crap and make some more money than 75 cents
by Kyle 230 April 28, 2010
a derogatory term for a middle school/freshman girl.

Most effective when yelled at said girl(s) from a distance.
Guy : "Show me your titties!"
Girl : *keeps walking*
Guy : "Yard Sale!!!"
Girl : "What???"
Guy : "lol"
by shotdownNflames August 12, 2007
When an individual consumes an excessive amount of alcohol and manages to misplace all and/or a portion of their belongings such as a wallet or cell phone. The void of these particular items is generally discovered the following morning and the items are rarely recovered.
Dude: Sup bra, did you kick it with Dominique last night?
Bro: Yea, he was faced and yardsaled his shit. I called his cell this morning and some random dudebro answered.
Dude: Damn, shitty.
by Dudebro1 October 05, 2008
1. an easily manipulated and credulous individual ; a term

used to describe someone who is frequently used and

discarded (used goods).

2. a universal term used in place of popular curse words to

describe people of interest.
1. Don't go for her dude, shes a yard sale.

2. Your a yardsale. Timmys a yardsale. Sarahs a yardsale.
by Ford Escapes are really nice. March 25, 2010
when you go to a club and spend a rediculous amount of money on drinks to get you and your friends wasted, and then something fucked up happens after that. A typical yardsale is a blackout tequila night with the boys.
Dude how much money did you spend last night and wtf happened?

Bro, visa's maxed and i lost my phone and wallet, no idea how i got home but woke up win a fire extinguisher. was definately a yardsaled night?
by doubledownsplit December 22, 2010
to be a complete and utter drunk naked pig; forget shit and fuck random chicks that you probably shouldn't fuck. To lose shit or misplace things. To kiss another guy to convince him your gay so you can beat him up. To jerk off with 3 dudes in your room.
Hey dude you were a fuckin yardsale last night I cant believe you took off all your clothes and jerked off in front of everybody.
by pigshit66 August 09, 2010
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