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Useful building or maintenance activities that occur in your yard.
Ibought the lumber and I plan to spend the day yardening.
by gnostic1 June 08, 2010
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A spring or summer activity that involves a combination of yard and garden labor.
Sunday, I will probably get out the tools and do some yardening.
by sb_goofy March 06, 2009
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The act of gardening every inch of a tiny urban yard with nothing but plants and flowers.
She surveyed her postage stamp-sized front yard in its perennial and annual lush bloom, and saw that all the yardening had paid off.
by muriel hemingway July 07, 2012
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A random combination of "gardening" and "yardwork". Sort of an A.D.D. approach to getting things done around the yard (or even just BEING in the yard).
If you are looking for me, I'll be out yardening for a while.
by H.A. Person June 18, 2012
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A combination of heavy yard work and gardening.
She was exhausted from a long day of yardening in the hot sun.

She was not just gardening - she was yardening!
by sunshopgirlly August 06, 2009
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