Semi-naked men who go through your underwear drawer at night. Most prevalent in a college dormitory environment.
Those fucking yardapes came into my room and stole all my thongs again!
by Joseph K. Gunger September 30, 2003
those being of adolescent age having draker skin usually found gathered around those of lighter skin adolesence steeling luch money to buy some dope for their crack head momma.
No luch for you today Johnny! NO, those damn yard apes stole my lunch money again.
by DMC April 27, 2003
1 a family of niggers
2 baby nigger in the back of the house
3 black kids
1 fuck more yardapes just moved in to the neighborhood
2 oh look at the little yardape
3 fucking yardapes fuck up my yard
by mrstiffy February 21, 2004
military personnel of no tactical importance without rank and valid responsibility
Don't use the leaf blower on the parade square round up those yard apes standing beside the holding platoon building.
by Pte. D.J. Miller March 04, 2004
The failed wannabe truck driver who works around the "yard" at a trucking or freight company moving tractors and trailers around and/or washing them for minimum wage or less. A fool who cant pass his CDL tests.
I curb stomped the yard ape over at JB Hunt cuz he smeared my windshield and left cheetos stains on my steering wheel.
by sabu1971 March 04, 2010
A child between the ages of 3-12 years. Known for their loud noises and boisterous activity.
The upstairs neighbors were reported to the landlord for allowing their yard ape and his friends to play soccer indoors.
by Jip September 06, 2005
A small child, roughly between the ages of 2 and 8 years, who hangs out in a back yard, usually white, usually male and usually suburban.

This was the definition used extinsively in magazine advertisements and television shows, especially comedy, during the 1980's and 90's
"Heavens to burgitroid, what is that detestable little yard ape doing in my movie? He's ruining it!

- Sir Boris von Orloff,

Eerie Indiana

from the episode "America's Scariest Home Video (a.k.a. Scariest Home Videos)"
Air Date
Sunday October 20, 1991
by Miskatonic Jack 2 June 24, 2010

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