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The root-verb יפה (yapa) means to be beautiful. It's used eight times in the Bible, mostly to describe the outward beauty of women (Song of Solomon 7:7, Ezekiel 16:3, Jeremiah 4:30).
The was no greater yapa than being the head at PCA.
#to shine #be beautiful #glory #honor #women
by EllaJohn September 10, 2015
A word to represent glory or honor

The Hebrew word for beauty in Proverbs 31:30 is yopi= beauty. This is same beauty as used in Psalm 45:11. This comes from the root word yapa, which translates=to be beautiful, delightful; to adorn, make beautiful; to adorn oneself.
The was no greater yapa than being the head at PCA.
#yopi #beauty #honor #glory #hebrew
by EllaJohn September 05, 2015
A sub machine gun. Usually used to refer to dual sub machine guns.
Andrew - Yo Jim you wanna go to this banger tonight? I heard it's gunna be huge.

Jim - You know I'm always down.

Andrew - Bring ya yapas, shit gunna be crazy.
#submachine gun #uzi #tommy gun #machine pistol #automatic
by Jaxsnn November 30, 2013
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