TEAM: A popular & successful American Major League Baseball franchise based in New York City.

HISTORY: Won 1/4 of World Series Championships in the 20th century.

CURRENT: In the 21st century, they seem utterly unable to muster together anything competitive in the post-season, despite a dream-team lineup with a salary doubling & tripling the loser teams that beat them.

FANS: The goddamnedest bunch of ugly, smelly, ignorant, knuckle-dragging, wife-beating, booger-eating, sewer-dwelling, all-around general bastards. They incessantly mutter random numbers like 1918 and 26. Responding w/ the number 2004 usually shuts them up. If not, find a nearby stick. You can either beat them with it or throw it and they'll go chase it.
Dude 1: "Dude, like, the Yankees haven't won a World Series in like, 20 years or something. And the Red Sox have won it like, the last 5 times or something."

Dude 2: "Yeah."
by George Steinbrenner 2007 November 09, 2007
The greatest team in the MLB. Sure we trade a lot but who doesn't. People bitch about how the only way we win is because we're rich. Well fuck off to all those people where do you think all that money came from dumbass.
Derek Jeter=God of the Yankees
by amimal22 October 19, 2007
The best and most winningest team in all of sports to the point that people get jealous of their success and type dumb shit like they pay umpires to win games. Must be those laughable Boston and Phillies fan.
Yo Chris of Philly. You can only wish your silladelphia sillies born in the 1800 had a 3rd of the success that the Yankees had. And ya better stop sleeping on Harlem on your way to law school.
by capital of the world, NY September 14, 2004
The greatest team in the history of sports. Most World Series (26) and American League pennants (39) by far. More dynasties than any other team by far, including a back to back to back to back to back 5 YEAR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP RUN. Certainly way more than your team has won, hence the bitterness that permeates the definitions above. From Babe Ruth to Derek Jeter, the Yankees are, and always will be, THE BEST!!!
"Ballgame over, World Series over, Yankees win! Theeeeeeeeeeeeee YANKEEEES WIN!!!!"

"I won at darts so many times today, I feel like the Yankees."

"Yankees suck!"
"Really? How many championships has your team won?"
" suck!"
by jadanyy March 15, 2009
1. Derogatory term used by Brits, Aussies and Argies (from Argentina) to refer to Americans.

2. A southerner term to refer to a northern person.
Brit: "Look at that bloody yank girl, she's so fat..."

Aussie: "Yanks don't ride kangaroo as good as we do!"

Argie: "Let's burn a yankee flag to show the world we hate Bush!"

Southerner: "That yankee thinks I'm weird just cause I tried to have sex with my VCR"
by Idontgiveafuckforthis2 February 21, 2009
considered the biggest choke in history, i wouldnt consider them the choke, i would consider the Red Sox for being the biggest choke for having COUNTLESS UPON COUNTLESS opporunities for 86 years compared to the yankees 4 game/DAY choke/slump, so compare 86 years to 4 days now who is the choker, not to mention i read somewhere to the red sox helped by giving players to the yankees to insure there succsess LOL i think that whole ordeal backfired since you hate your own creation, so this is tha whole fact.
person 1: 2 championships in 4 years aww poor chokers cant win one

person 2: hey you jelous peice of crap, it took 86 years for you gus to get hear u think ur all high and mighty for a couple championships u know wut win 26 then talk to me.

person 1: so what those 26 rings dont count its in the past what counts is now

person 2: yea ur just afraid to look at your past cuz u see 0 rings jus wait the fresh scent of money attracts the players

person 1: and thats the problem the yankees buy their championships

person 2: it was the players decision to come and the jelousy that noone has tha money to do what our passion is but to win thats all we want in our lives looks like most of ur fans wasted urs rooting for the wrong team thru that century

person 1: ......... silenced the sox fan is
by yankee-man May 22, 2008
The greatest sporting franchise ever. The Yankees have more World Series championships than anybody in Major League Baseball. Known for their rivarly with the Boston RedSux, including a 2006 "Boston Massacre". Question for RedSox Nation: Which Number is bigger? 26 or 6.
Got Rings?

Go Yankees 2007!!!!
The Yankees have 20 more World Series titles than the RedSox.

The Yankees humiliated the RedSox in 2006.

The Yankees won the division last year while the RedSox failed to win 90 games.
by Yanks32 March 31, 2007

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