1. In the southern states, the term YANKEE is used to identify someone from a northern state, especially those that happen to be from NY. Some southern folk dislike yankees because they assume that the northerners are rude individuals. I think its just a misunderstanding of cultures.
2. When a New Yorker travels to another state, they may refer to themselves as a "yankee" to let everyone know that they are from the same place as the all time best baseball team in the world (not boston...they suck)
1. "BAMA": Say folk, you talk funny. You ain't from down hurr. You must be a yankee.
"YANKEE": Nah son, I aint from these parts, im from Brooklyn.
by BadBoy81 August 10, 2005
an ninteenth century derogatroy term used by southerners in the Confedercy to Label Northerners. As time went by it stopped being a derogatroy term.

It now applies for The Average American and is the name for a New York Baseball Team
Mexican: "Goddamn Yankee"
a man from 1862: "Those Yankee's are really fuckin' up"
by Poopsik August 04, 2005
A term of endearment used by the Southern Folk, to emphsis how much they love the Northern Folk. Damn Yankee. Don't you think it's time to get over that wall, and all come together as AMERICANS? After all, that is what we ALL ARE ! The war has been over for a long time, and none of us, still remaining had a thing in it. Move on !
Yankee - word used to define Northern Folk
by Sick of hearing it ! August 23, 2006
An American. Period. Anyone living in the United States or claiming to be a citizen on the U.S.A.
Check out those yankees ordering light beer. Don't they know this is a brew pub?
by marko1982 October 16, 2005
Someone from the States. An American. "Support the Troops" bumber stickers, Red+White+Blue t-shirts, Texas belt buckles and slow Southern drawl are dead give aways although in many cases it can be difficult to determine.
"Why do y'all put mayo on yer freedom fries?", said the yankee.
by Jimbrowski12345 February 27, 2008
a dollar as in something you would boorrow
let me borrow a yankee
by vincent gambone March 23, 2005
Obviously, urbandictionary.com is filled with a bunch of morons from Boston. Wow, fantastic, you finally won the world series after 86 years of pathetic attempts. The Yankees still have 5 times the amount of World Series Titles and Pennants than the Red Sox.

Now that the Sox have won just one silly World Series, you can no longer claim to be the sad bunch of losers you were before. This gives the rest of the nation nothing to empathize with, therefore banishing your team forever to mediocrity. I guarantee in 86 years, my grandkids will proudly be shouting "Two thousand four!" at games since you stupid fucks won't ever be able to do it again.

It's just too bad St. Louis didn't show up to the series, they were clearly a better team than you lucky bunch of ugly bastards.

Oh, and one more thing, no one likes Boston because the chicks there are just so friggin' ugly and your nightlife sucks too. I should know, I lived in that shithole for four years.
The Yankees still own you.
by Daytona Blue February 11, 2005

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