The best team ever....from NYC.
The team everyone likes to diss saying OMFG you lost 4-3. A FOUR GAME SKID!!! Guess what you stupid Boston Jews, you were on a fuckin 86 year skid! Pedro must love the big apple now! So what, you guys gonna try and not win for 186 years? You're whole pitching staff just went to the Mets.
by PEDRO LEFT!!! March 09, 2005
the overall best team in the whole entire world well if you are talking about baseball that is unless ur a dumb butt but if your not then you are awesome like the yankees
eric is going to play on the yankees he is also going to play 2nd base with them and go to the hall of fame
by eric March 01, 2005
The greatest team any sport has ever seen. Also known as the Evil Empire.
On the 7th Day, God created the Yankees
by Derek Jeter April 13, 2004
another word for a cocky person who thinks they are the shit when in reality, no one likes them.
alex: "hey brittany!"
brittany: "hey bitch! cute outfit!" (inside she is thinking ''what a fugly outfit!)
alex: "thank you!"
katie: "eww you like her?"
alex: "are you kidding me?! no! she is such a yankee!"
by the big bambeeno October 14, 2009
best team and won most world championships in any sports franchise
the yankees are amazing
by matthew613 April 29, 2007
26 world championships, most in mlb history and oh yeah they didn’t lose 22-0 to Toronto it was Cleveland but we still are a better team then the red sox.
Derek Jeter- Best Yankee Ever! The yankees are the greatest ever, 2001 even though we didnt win the world series we still had a great time.

by gregster December 22, 2005
Everyone is jealous of the yankees because they are the best organization in baseball, their ability to comeback and win ball games is unique. And they pick up bad or regular players and make them superstars... just like shawn chacon and aaron small.
The yankees are the best team in sports
by !!!! August 27, 2005

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