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THe greatest baseball team of all time with 26 world series wins..all u dick heads that hate them are just jealouse!!
the yankees own the red socks
the yankees won the world series the most times
by meerak suduk July 18, 2006
96 103
Yankee or Southerner (or a redneck) does not depend on where the ‘body’ was physically born! There are a lot of Yankees that were born in the South and have abandoned the south and all of its culture, moving to the north! Just the same, there are people who were born in northern states who have moved to the South and cherish the South, its culture and its history! Some are more southerners than some born in the South who have ‘lost their love of their culture and history’ because of the misinformation, lies, and propaganda they are ‘fed with’ in the US education system! The real ‘redneck southerners’ are those not poisoned with such crap, that passes off as ‘intelligence’, but is usually just ‘smart stupidity’! Yankee or Southerner depends more on where the heart is, than where one was born or where they were originally from!
Politicians and newscasters from the south who have forsaken their 'southern accents' and other parts of their great culture, for the ways of the yankee, usually for the good job and money! Is it really worth it?
by suthrn September 28, 2011
5 13
Probably the most well known and successful sports franchise in the world. They have 26 World Championships. The Yankees are what America is about.
The Yankees just killed the Red Sox again.
by Ahmed Bhuiyan April 03, 2005
122 130
A team that has something the Red Sox (and their fans) will never have....CLASS!
Yankee fans don't wear "Pee on the Red Sox" or "Red Sox Suck!" tees.

Yanks don't encourage their fans to continually act like jackasses (including gloating about the fact that they've won ONE World Series championship since 1918. Whoopee, maybe now you can play baseball with the big boys)
by NYChick January 10, 2005
128 136
The greatest franchise in the history of pro sports....
26 world championships
by Seth December 02, 2004
80 88
anytime someone says the yankees suck, the yankee fan simply replies with, boston sucks, do they seriously not know that other fans hate them to, actually, all fans, u either hate em or love, most people hate, notice that nobody who dislikes them, repsects them, its alll hate and nothing else, and another tthing, the yanks have only won 5 championships since1960, in that time, celtics won 11, and canadiens won about 10, therefore, they are NOT the best sports team ever, clearly, and they only have 26 WS champs, because theyre the only team thats been around that long,and dont u dare say "1918" cuz i could careless about the red sox, i dont like them either, im a fan of everyteam in the MLB except the yankees and sox, because i simply just love the game, not the business's(NYY & Sox) who try to turn it into something besides baseball. yankee fans, please e-mail me with complaints and arguements

P.S.:how does 3rd place feel more than halfway through the season?(go O's)
yankees, whos your daddy, thats riiight, migggyyy, go o's
39 48
The heart of baseball. As long as the Yankees keep winning, we know baseball isn't dead yet. Baseball is dying, and the yankees are there when we need them the most. Baseball was meant for these guys. If you're a hater, well I respect freedom of speech, but still, unless you're a Red Sox fan you're probably only jealous that they've had some of the best baseball players of all-time and 26 World Championships.
Yankees are the reason why the American League has won 17 more World Championships than the National League.

As long as the Yankees keep winning, Baseball is still alive.

Ever since they changed their franchise name/city from the Baltimore Orioles to the New York Yankees in 1903, the Yankees have done what they were meant for.
by me July 22, 2004
159 168