a northerner that have very thick accents and are often quite stuck-up. They typically think that they are walking geniuses and act like they know EVERYTHING which can be quite irritating. Yankees often think they have the right to travel to southern states and get the 'right' to try to correct southern 'rednecks' on how to speak, or what 'proper' grammar is. Yankees are often very judgemental of the southern 'rednecks' and put many of them down because they have accents or dont use proper grammar when really it's just the way that the southerners were raised, and assume that all southerners are 'uneducated, incestuous, and racist'. Yankees also have problems admitting when they are wrong and saying sorry, instead they choose to be smartasses about things.

(not all northerners/yankees are like this, but the vast majority of them are)
yankee: excuse me but please use proper grammar in MY presence (even though I'm the one that has traveled all the way to YOUR area I still have the right to correct you, cause like, I'm better than you) okay?
by msc28 December 20, 2010
Team that buys every player in major league baseball, and then wonders why they can't win a World Series every year.
Even though the Yankees payroll was 180 million, compared to 100 million of the Red Sox, they barely made it past Boston in 11 innings of Game 7 with some timely BLOOP b.s. hits.
by Brian October 20, 2003
The absolutley most fucked up piece of ball suckers ever in the world of sports. Their fans can go suck Derek Jeter's cock, as George steinbrenner buys all of his players for 200 million dollars. Sheffield, Giambi, rodriguez, and all those other assholes obviously use steroids. The yankees suck balls!
the yankees Derek Jeter is cheating on alex rodriguez with Jason Giambi.
by ubd September 26, 2005
People who are born and/or raised in the Northeast or the Midwest, with those people possessing qualities of a Northerner.

Yankees are usually found in and are from the following states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri.
The Mason-Dixon Line plays a very slight role in determining who is and isn't a Yankee, because the Mason-Dixon Line was an imaginary border that was designed to legally set the boundaries of the states allowing slavery, and of the non-slavery states; not determining North and South.
The states that contain the most real yankees are all of the New England states, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York.
I am a devout, true-to-heart Yankee, and damn proud of it.
by The Kentucky Yankee March 17, 2005
1. In the United States: Someone from up North.

Stereotypically, someone who is stuck up and loud who hates Southerners. In reality, they are just people who have a high tolerance for the cold.

2. A player or fan of the New York Yankees beseball team.

In some people's opinion, this team is amazing. In others, this team is a horrible representation of the game.

3. In other countries: An American

Stereotypically, someone who is stupid, egotistical, self-gratifying, and distructive. In reality, this type of yankee has a variety of charictaristics. Some match the above description stated, and some are people who care about the world around them, are knowledgable of American AND world history, and are deeply hurt when others call us, "obese retards who will destroy the world." Some of us enjoy blending in in foreign countries and are pleased when (for example) a French waiter stares at you in shock, after displaying perfect knowledge of French eating habits and having a perfect accent and admitting an American heritage.
1. Southerner: *glares at annoying person* Stupid Yank.

2. Me: Wahoo!!! Yankees!!!

My sister: (dressed in Mets gear) *SHOCK!!!* NOOO!!! MY OWN SISTER??? A YANKEES FAN?? NOOOOOOO!!

3. Me: Je voudrais un croque-monsieur, s'il vous plait.

Garcon: *well, thats obvioulsy not a stupid yank*

Me: *what would he say if he knew i was an American*
by Carleigh94 January 02, 2010
A total douche bag who is from (typically) new york. They are rude people and all they give a shit about is money. They could care less about anything important in this world except from themselves and they aren't important at all considering NY is so full of these pricks that if one dies theres always a backup for his sorry ass.

1. Yankees hate the south from birth for no reason at all but they move down here and bother us all with their stuck-up asses and act like they all of a sudden own the place.

2. You can never have fun with a yankee because they are such uptight sons of bitches that anything you try to do with them besides watch a mafia movie or argue with them about stupid shit like how southerners are such rednecks they will always complain about something, even the tiniest thing.

3. Yankees are known for their repulsive attitudes and characteristics such as bitching about stuff that should not be bitched about.

4. a typical yank will try to cause a problem with anybody for no reason at all, especially a southerner.

5. Yankees are hypocritical people.
1. A yankee family just moves into a southern Georgia neighborhood, father and mother are lawyers and kids are typical yankee kids, who play video games and watch mafia movies all day spoiled as hell who have never been outdoors. At first site of anybody outdoors they consider them a 'dirty redneck' and they consider anybody who doesn't take a shower 3 times a day a dirty person. They criticize everybody in the neighborhood for not having perfect 50 dollar haircuts and almost despise daily clothing (jeans and a white shirt) and consider anybody who doesn't wear a 3 piece suit every day an unemployed or low-class redneck.

2. Hey man come back out here let me show you my garden. Yankee: "Man I don't wanna get my new shoes dirty even tho I got 12 other pairs at home and buy more every week for no fucking reason at all".

A yankee family at the beach. "Yo pop check out this wata, its all salty and shit I ain't gettin in dis fuckin wata, this shit is freezin."

3. A bunch of yankees had their phone line knocked out because of a thunderstorm. In NY where they belong they would go 'oh powers out again' because it always happens in that big cesspool of douchebags they call nyc but in the south they will automatically go crazy and blame it on the stupid redneck engineers and how they don't know how to properly construct phone lines. They will talk as if they could do it themselves but the first thing they do is pick up their cell phones and call the phone company cursing them out in their annoying sqwaking accents saying 'whats wrong with you guys ya dont know how to fix a phoneline? We just moved and and the first thing that happens is the fuckin power goes out what dont you know how to properly place phonlines or somethin ya morons? Huh? Ya stupid dumbass how much is it gonna cost me to get this fixed...ridiculous". They act as if they are the only ones in the neighborhood who lost power and they treat the people as if we all conspired to have their phone line or whatever the fuck it is that they are bellyaching about to piss them off.

4. My family was coming out of an iHop one time up in NY when we took a summer vacation. Some yank opened the door for us and my father said thank you but the guy didn't hear him so he went off on us like a fucking asshole. He started cussing and asking us a million questions at a time like all yankees do when they get angry and we're just like what the fuck is your problem. He was saying 'what don't ya fuckin know how to say thank you? Huh? Ya fuckin asswipe I hate people like you'. Typical asshole yankee.

5. A yankee will drive down the road and if someone cuts him off he will start yelling and honking his horn, after the 'asshole who cut him off' has gone on they will talk to themselves or their family about it for the rest of the car ride, even if its a 6 hour trip to VA Beach. They'll say shit like "what a fucking asshole cant ya see Im driving here you asshole? You got a fucking problem with my driving huh? These fucking hicks in the south cant drive for shit". At that same moment they will cut somebody else off and when that car honks their horn at the yanks they will start screaming at them saying 'what the fuck asshole dont ya know how to drive! Cant ya see Im turning here asswipe!?". Assholes they are the lot of them, and by the way, if you ever see a tag from NY on the road, get the fuck away from him. You will either a: Suffer from road rage because of his moronic driving or
b: Get killed in a car crash because they have no idea how to drive whatsoever.

And if you ever have a yankee move in next to you, don't try to befriend them. They love their privacy because once again they are unsocial assholes who work all day and make a bunch of money for no reason at all. I know a yank and he told me he thought the reason yankees don't like southerners is because 'they are too personal. Its like they wanna know my fucking family when we move in and we want our privacy damn rednecks leave us alone". I told him it was called being friendly but I guess he didnt get the concept. Typical stupid yank :)
by Annoyed of yankee bastards August 02, 2008
One of the most hated teams in baseball for one reason: they're good. Yankee haters all come up with one reason for why they are good because they are too stupid to figure something else out. That reason is Money. Well isn't boston a big city? hmm don't they have the SECOND highest payroll in the league? And People are mad because the yankees actually have a lot of fans. Hey Boston, go win some World series and You might get some more fan base, until then go think of another curse for why you won't be winning any more world series for a while.
Red Sox Fan: YANKEES SUCK!!!
Yankees Fan: Well at least we don't blame our losing on a guy whos been dead for over 50 years. What will it be next time? The curse of the no talent baseball team?
by asdf2222 August 18, 2005
What I am because I'm from the Midwest and because I said that I supported the North during conversations (and some arguments) about the Civil War. Yankee is not a bad name at all, and I don't see it as being derogatory.
Personally I take being called "yankee" as a compliment!
by A Christian March 17, 2005
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