1. when said in the south a person from the northern part of the united states typically new england
2. when said in any other part of the english speaking world anyone from the united states
1. in florida most people hate all the yankee tourists visiting from their state and complaining about how much better it is in ohio or wherever
2. in anywhere else most people probly hate yaankees for the same reasons
by burgerking2 August 11, 2006
The best fucking team in sports history. Everyone is jealous of the yankees cause they get the players and kick everyones ass every year. You are all just jealous.
The YANKEES WIN all the time and completely dominate.
by Chris March 02, 2005
The New York Yankees are by far the bset team in baseball, and always will be. Long after "$teinbrener" is dead they will still have the best franchise. QUIT HATIN MAN
-26 titles
-team of All-Stars
::you know if you had that much money you'd spend it too::
by Die Hard NY Fan July 15, 2004
a baseball team from new york whose only concern isn't the GAME they play, but the MONEY they get for playing it. the most annoying team in baseball, or rather, sports in general. their fanbase consists of cocksucking whiney babies who claim that the only reason "yankee haters" hate the yankees is because they are jealous, that is simply not true. the ONLY reason the yankees win so much is because they literally BUY their way into winnings.

the most overpaid team in baseball, which means, they don't have any REAL skill or talent. the announcers at their games are a group of old farts who masturbate while staring at A-Rod.

the yankee team consists of Derek Jeter, A-Rod, and some other guys that nobody cares about because their celebrity status isn't high enough. Derek Jeter is an egotistic and close-minded bag of douche who thinks he's so handsome when in reality he looks like a drag queen...same for A-Rod. they constantly compete over who gets to be the hotter yankee, even though they know they are both equally fugly.

yankee games are also boring to watch.

Person #1: Did you hear that doctors have found the ultimate cure for insomnia?
Person #2: No way! What is it?
Person #1: They say to just simply watch a Yankees game!

Smart person: The Yankees are the most overpaid and overrated team in sports.
Yankee fan: OMFG you're just jealous! They are the best team in baseball, they are so good!
Smart person: If they are "so good" then why do they have such a sucky pitcher like Randy Johnson? I guess he isn't getting paid enough! That will be Jeter if his salary ever goes down!
Yankee fan: OMG! ::cries:: I got owned!

Joe Torre: So...ready for another win today Derek?
Derek Jeter: I don't know, I'm feeling kind of broke lately.......
Joe Torre: How about another 5 million added to your salary?
Derek Jeter: NOW I feel like playing baseball!
Joe Torre: But what about the game itself? And the fans? Isn't that more important than your salary?
Derek Jeter: More important than money and ferraris and being called a ladies man? Go fuck yourself, old timer! I'm in this for the riches, yo!
by blah blah blahhhhhhhhh February 06, 2007
An arrogant, dickhead, stuck up liberal from New England.
fuckthesouth dot com was made by the typical Yankee I describe above. Southerners are the only true Americans. We're laid back, friendly, and we don't give a shit about politics. And we don't like our hard earned money to be thrown away to crack addicts. The only reason we don't like Yankees, is because their rude. Also, The South is the most visited place in the USA. Not up there in New England. (Louisiana is the 2nd most visited state by tourists, and Florida is 3rd. Look it up sometime.)
by I Heart Grunge April 24, 2006
Bay area word for stupid doo-doo hyphy
Things was going good at th' club and niggas went yankee!
by Princess Nia December 28, 2010
A person who is acting like they are the shit.
That bitch is a yankee
by neva scared June 10, 2005
People from the Northern part of the United States, who are sometimes also referred to as "northerners". Contrary to the popular belief, when you get to know a yankee most are not judgemental, rude, or arrogant as most Southerners steriotypically veiw them. Like any other person, once you get to know them they can be very kind and open minded.

Of course there are some ignorant yankees who believe steriiotypes about Southerners and believe that they are better than them in some way. But every region has it's dumbasses. Give us a break.
Southerner: Hey yankee.
Yankee: Hey there person from the southern United States.
Southerner: Aren't you gonna call me a redneck or something? You guys are all the same...always judging us kind southern folk.
Yankee: Actually no, I wasn't. I don't even know you, so how could I call you a redneck. Oh and by the way. Don't assume I'm a judgemental and rude if you don't want me to assume that you're a redneck. That's pretty hypecritical, don'tcha think?
Southerner: That's so true, Yankee. We should be friends and put our differences aside. I mean after all, we're both from America anyway.

Yankee: That is so true southern citizen! Let's be BFFs for life!
Southerner: Yeah!
by applesarrow August 19, 2009

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