26 world championships, most in mlb history and oh yeah they didn’t lose 22-0 to Toronto it was Cleveland but we still are a better team then the red sox.
Derek Jeter- Best Yankee Ever! The yankees are the greatest ever, 2001 even though we didnt win the world series we still had a great time.

by gregster December 22, 2005
The heart of baseball. As long as the Yankees keep winning, we know baseball isn't dead yet. Baseball is dying, and the yankees are there when we need them the most. Baseball was meant for these guys. If you're a hater, well I respect freedom of speech, but still, unless you're a Red Sox fan you're probably only jealous that they've had some of the best baseball players of all-time and 26 World Championships.
Yankees are the reason why the American League has won 17 more World Championships than the National League.

As long as the Yankees keep winning, Baseball is still alive.

Ever since they changed their franchise name/city from the Baltimore Orioles to the New York Yankees in 1903, the Yankees have done what they were meant for.
by me July 22, 2004
The greatest team any sport has ever seen. Also known as the Evil Empire.
On the 7th Day, God created the Yankees
by Derek Jeter April 13, 2004
the best baseball team in the world!!!!i don't care what ne 1 says they are amaizing! so leave them ALONE!!!!
they have won more world series than ne 1 else
by Brie August 23, 2003
The Best Team in History. Yes they are owners of the biggest choke in history but they are also owners of the most World Championships. Note to guy with the 22-0 comment --- it was Cleveland not the Blue Jays
The Yankees are the most well known franchise
by JP from New York August 22, 2005
The greatest sports team of all time. The team that uneducated fans from other teams label as "bought", even though that is only somewhat true from 2002 to present. Those who are jealous of their success write lame definitions below.
Yank-ees! How you doin! How you doin!

The Yankees have more championships than anybody else.

The greatest player ever in sports history was a big fat drinker who played for the Yankees.
by Ted Williams August 03, 2005
Best baseball team ever, known to man!
"Go figure, the YANKEES won again"
by Mc-y June 09, 2005
A team whose fans actually root for them, instead of against another, see Red Sox. Even though the Yanks do spend money out the ass, its not our fault and were gonna follow our Yanks to another Championship on 05'.
Yankee Fan: Lets go Yankees!!!

Sox Fan: Fuck the Yankees!!! (notice there is no positive cheer for the sox...sad, i know.)
by joebob56 April 01, 2005
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