Yammy can replace any word (similar to 'jawn' but with more uses).
It can also be used as a greeting.
"Ayo.My peoples got that yammy."
"That yammy over there."
by Dizzy Stardust January 01, 2010
Top Definition
A girl's vagina; pussy
Shane: With your testimony, 2 years is the best I can get for you. I'm sorry.
Tulips: How much time are you getting for sexual misconduct?
Shane: Pardon me?
Tulips: I got a yammy full of Georgia joy juice darling - enough DNA to have you writing parking tickets at the Quima. So, am I walking out of here or do I need to call your supervisor?

Quote: Episode 1x10 of the Shield
by inane5 January 19, 2005
To puke, hurl, vomit, toss cookies, blow chunks, projectile vomit, or other forceful issuance of ones stomach contents.
Dude, Chris just yammied on your bumper.
by jesusplayedwithwood September 12, 2003
A person of interest that is willing and ready to sleep with you with no strings attached. Usually referred to young shapley women or older in shape men (yams), or the opposite of what you usually date and have sex with. Also known as a bust it baby or a jump off.
Me and Mario are on our way to pick up some yammies at the mall. They better be ready to bust it.
by Suprianni October 04, 2011
The chest of a fat male that resembles a woman's breasts. AKA manboobs
Look at Sam's yammies! They jiggle when he runs!!
by nolabelrequired1 April 14, 2006
A ridiculous plot twist that makes absolutely no sense and is generally done for the lulz.

Named after the plot twist from Bleach which revealed that Espada #10 Yammy was actually the strongest of the Espada and really Espada #0.
That makes no sense, he just pulled a Yammy!
by crazydom May 23, 2009
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