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A question. one word instead of five. Same effect.
"u know wha i mean?"
by LaLa September 28, 2004
short for saying, do you know what i mean?
that girl is off da hook, ya mean?
by jamie March 21, 2003
the newest, shortest version of the "Do you know what i mean?" break down. Popular in Philly. It can also describe a person, usually male, who may fit the stereo type of someone who would use this term alot. see example.
"I'm not tryin to get fired over this, Ya mean? "

"She would never go out with him, he's too much of a Ya-mean."
#yaknawmean? #feel me? #ya dig? second defintition is equivilant to hoodrat #gangsta #wangsta #white t wearing thug
by Zac Wild October 24, 2006
Ya Mean- is another saying for youk know what I mean. (mostly used by brothas on the east coast).
That girl looks good ya mean...
#do you understand me #got it #u feel me #comprende #ain't that right?
by Anthony4973 September 28, 2005
it's short for u know wat i mean
yo that jacket iz tight ya mean
by Bianca Hairston March 24, 2005
abriviation for; do you know what I mean?
a suburb is around the city, not in it, ya mean?
#understand #comprehend #got it #true #gotcha
by Mark Harris November 10, 2005
An alternative to na mean
"Do you know what i mean?" in african-american english, shortened to one syllable.
Man, you needa get that shit checked out, y'a mean?
#contractions #ebonics #african-american #ghetto speak #comprehension
by TwTmastr April 18, 2007
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