The man's balls and sack
For Thanksgiving Dave Levine had a turkey's eye ball with some yam bags on the side
by Newms69 April 09, 2003
scrotum; sack
Tim Newman likes to dip his yambag in hot nacho cheese.
by Big D April 08, 2003
your nut sack
while that girl was passed out I draped my yambag over her face and took a picture for my personal collection of yambag shots
by the prophet March 28, 2003
a large, sturdy sack capable of holding
large quantities of bulbous yams
come Thanksgiving, i shall be filling up my
yambag in preparation for the special dinner
by Tzadik March 27, 2003
a small hairy sack filled with yam juice
Padre likes to whip lerch in the head with his yambag
by Al Coholic April 28, 2003
PJ Herring.
Yaaaaaaaaaambag, yaaaaaaambag
by Autofocus March 28, 2003
Male testicles.
Cooke choked on my yam bag.
by milfhunter37 April 07, 2003

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