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yamato syndrome. YS. anti-kaizen

A condition or symptoms where a new transformable toy, when carefully taken out of its box, gently transformed / posed / played with, INEVITABLY break due to poorly planned manufacturing - primary reason for failure is often due to dumbass, retarded personnel behind the manufacturing job.

Breakage prone areas on transformable toys (usually crucial moving, stress bearing areas) are OFTEN purposely made with subpar materials, manufactured thoughtlessly, leading to the toy's eventual damage, out of order, kaputting... etc.

Origins of Yamato Syndrome - Since the start of the human culture. Back in the day, the syndrome had MANY names - usually known to many as cuss words. Yamato Syndrome is the modern day, child-safe, politically correct name as it's previous names were too volatile for many civic-minded people.

The modern name Yamato Syndrome is birthed by the negative culture of toy-making company by the same first name; Yamato. Lacking experience but insanely passionate to proof something, they ventured into making subpar (but beautiful) transforming toys for Macross fans. The year was 1999.

Fast forward to 2007, worshipped by manutards the world over, Yamato are still making subpar (but beautiful) transforming toys for Macross fans. And thriving! They have proven to the world that stupidity, laziness, lies, dishonor and zero quality can too bring success. But we know they were all yamatoed.

With such consistency and discipline, Yamato's principle of Yamato Syndrome is today elevated to be the EXACT opposite of Kaizen - Japanese for continuous and incremental improvement, a business philosophy about working practices and efficiency; improvement in productivity or performance. Praticed by Yamofos that failed at Kaizen, any Yamofo can do it. All it took was more stupidity, laziness, lies, dishonor and zero quality.
"The great thing about this toy is no yamato syndrome. That alone makes it a must buy."

"I don't care if YF19 has YS nose!!! It's beautiful and I must have it!!!
by beware of blast May 14, 2007
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