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Acronym. 'Yet another meeting'. A YAM is a pointless meeting organised by an over-zealous manager who feels that a) having a meeting is a form of work and b) he is not doing his job if he isn't talking to his staff CONSTANTLY and stopping them doing something useful.
'Can't talk now, I've got to go into a YAM. Again.'
by The Moai April 14, 2005
18 25
Drug slang referring to a heroin-filled balloon.
This use of the word is seen in the song "and then what?" by the rapper Young Jeezy in the following passage:
"Close shop then I do my count, hide the rest of the yams at my auntie house"
by beakllerina August 01, 2005
454 257
street name for a type of drug
"ima keep the rest of my yams at my autie house"
-young jeezy
by yung trill June 04, 2005
398 215
A term for good, sweet pussy thats lovely for thanksgiving and is originally native to South Jersey.
Yo I got them yams last night.
by The Hamburgler November 10, 2006
332 200
Ugly-ass cousin of the potato.
by anonymous June 10, 2003
390 270
plural of yam

ounces of coke
i got three yams so we are gonna party like rockstars for the next few days
by version2.0 August 23, 2005
241 167
to dunk

I just yammed that shit on your sorry ass!

you just got yammed on, my man!
by dirtynick May 23, 2009
186 116
A gram of cocaine
Dat nigga up da street sellin yams fa 45$
by Dees0924 February 04, 2009
156 94