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Yala, better spelt "yalla" is an Arabic word which means "come on" or urges people to hurry up.
Yalla, let's all get back to work.
Yalla, answer me....
by Vicky March 20, 2005
You Always Live Again.

M.I.A.'s response to Y.O.L.O., based on her Eastern cultural heritage. In Hinduism it is believed that people are continuously reincarnated, so it's acceptable to do something more than once.

Also a title of a song on her 2013 album Matangi.
"Why does everyone keep saying Y.O.L.O. and then doing the same stupid stuff? It's such a waste."

"Yeah, back where I come from we say Y.A.L.A. before we do stupid stuff cuz we know we're not wasting any time in this life. But then they invented karma to make us feel bad."
by Helixer November 14, 2013
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