A combination of yaddimean and yackamundo, yaka-darr-mundo is a slang term for saying "Do you know what I mean?" Utilized by the late Mac Dre and E-40 along with a host of Bay Area linguistic experts, the use of the term has been associated with knowledge of underground Bay Area rap and especially popular in amongst black adolescents.
I need to pick up some trees, yaka-darr-mundo?
In this case, the talker is requesting to pick up marijuana and is probably talking to his friend or "homie."

I've been working all day and Im tired man, lets spark up yaka-darr-mundo?
The speaker has had a long day at work, probably a minimum wage job at either a grocery store or a low paying auto shop, and now all he wants to do his smoke marijuana with his buddies, or "doggs"
by Gordon Wu May 02, 2006
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