the face made by someone when another party performs an action that is either awkward or somewhat non-sensical. The face is made by raising the hand beneath the chin in a scoop-like motion and pursing the lips while furrowing the eyebrows.
A: ...and then we totally owned that fish, yo!
B:*yak face* dont be a tool
by yakattack February 11, 2006
Top Definition
An exotic vegetable, that makes the rarest of vegan delicacies. Can be extended to the vegan who procures said delicacy. Also, an STD.
Hey, that vegan is such a yakface!
by phil ross. November 24, 2008
(1) Someone very high on cocaine and the effects are visible.
(2) The face of anticipation of the first line of cocaine.
(1) Carl: "Hey did you see Mike at the party last night? He had a white Hitler Mustace." Kevin: "Yeah man he was a total Yak Face"
(2) Estaban breaks out lines on a glass table Samson looks on like a child on christmas morning. "Jesus man," said Estaban, "Someone brought their Yak Face."
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