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the face made by someone when another party performs an action that is either awkward or somewhat non-sensical. The face is made by raising the hand beneath the chin in a scoop-like motion and pursing the lips while furrowing the eyebrows.
A: ...and then we totally owned that fish, yo!
B:*yak face* dont be a tool
by yakattack February 11, 2006
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An exotic vegetable, that makes the rarest of vegan delicacies. Can be extended to the vegan who procures said delicacy. Also, an STD.
Hey, that vegan is such a yakface!
by phil ross. November 24, 2008
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(1) Someone very high on cocaine and the effects are visible.
(2) The face of anticipation of the first line of cocaine.
(1) Carl: "Hey did you see Mike at the party last night? He had a white Hitler Mustace." Kevin: "Yeah man he was a total Yak Face"
(2) Estaban breaks out lines on a glass table Samson looks on like a child on christmas morning. "Jesus man," said Estaban, "Someone brought their Yak Face."
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