Highly derogatory name for a woman you despise. Intended for pure insult. Slang for vagina.
I bought her drinks, and chatted her up, but in the end she hooked up with some tosser. That stupid yaj.
by NotPete July 31, 2006
Top Definition
1. v. to spin quickly in a pirouette and then snap and point at a person, uttering the greeting, "yo."
2. v. to raise one's hand, palm outward, and request a high five.
3. v. to spring to one's feet abruptly during a college football game and yell out "hot damn," and then sit back down.
What is up with his eternal yaj-ing?
by aaargh December 07, 2003
Independent Music Producer, Mentor, Philanthropist & Philosopher who only accepts donations for his music.

Quote From Facebook
"I believe that I was placed here for a reason, which is to accomplish the following: inspire people to become the best they can be; by empowering their minds to think outside what society deems as normal, expanding their horizons by introducing them to various music styles beyond their favorite artist(s), to develop a deep sense and appreciation for all music, breaking down mental barriers regarding religion, ethnicity, sexuality and humanity, in a hope to promote unity and destroy any and all stereotypical views of our fellowman; encompassing personal obligations with personal finance to create a more informed individual, speaking positivity (v. negativity) to ensure a positive self image, discussing reality (v. fiction) to strengthen their psyche for real-life situations."
Aye that new release from YAJ was hot. I'm telling everybody I know to go get that.
by Maestro_White August 27, 2011
n. slang word meaning 'vagina'
The largest part of the female genitalia is the yaj.
by anonymous2134235235 July 10, 2006
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