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Catchphrase of a character from BBC Three's "Little Britain" comedy series. Now annoyingly repeated ad infinitum by thousands of chav kids too stupid and unimaginative to come up with thier own comedy material, and usually sounding fuck all like it's meant to, therefore losing all hint of comedy merit shown in the original.
stupid chav kid #1:"come on, we've got maths next"
stupid chav kid #2:"yeairanno"

stupid chav kid #1:"you owe me £50 for that mad weed i got you yesterday"
stupid chav kid #2:"yairanno"

teacher:"if you fail all your GCSEs you'll find it hard getting a job"
stupid chav kid #2:"yairanno"
teacher:*smacks stupid chav kid #2 square in the jaw. All the other kids give a cheer*
by b0Bz0r3llo February 10, 2005
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