It is gay backwards.
But it really has nothing to do with being gay.
It can mean that something looks crap or not good or someones not being very nice.
"Your so yag!"
"This skirt looks yag dont it?"
by Roxieness December 02, 2005
see definition of "gay"
that is so yag.
by Anonymous March 13, 2003
The acronym typically associated with the term, "You're A Gooch".
Clark: Hey Angelos! YAG!

Angelos: Yag! Stupid douche..
by LovesDerby January 06, 2006
acronym for you are gay
Hey Charlie, yag because you like to spill beer on the floor and pretend to swim in it.
by Screwstah May 06, 2004
also yaggot
that yag hooked up with the beast
chris is a yag
papa wolff didn't raise no yaggot
by mo April 15, 2004
The "backwards" partner in the gay relationship, or to further explain for those slow in the head, the guy who takes it in the ass. Verb form signifies getting rearended.
Damn, you know that one is the yag.
by Z January 26, 2005
Acronym meaning You Are Gay.
Coincidentally, Gay backwards.
Person A: I just listened to Fall Out Boy.
Person B: YAG.
by Crazyy June 28, 2008

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