a closet gay guy, telling about himself on the net, without disclosing his identity
Many guys YAG on gay sites about their gay experiences under false names.
by YUGYAG April 13, 2008
it means to be gay or act like a fag (homosexual refrencing)
Dude quit being a yag.

My brother and his yag friends are in my room.
by -Hikaru03 December 18, 2007
a male who does not like other males but is still gay
man#1 ay what u listenin to on your kick

man#2 pretty ricky

man#1 damn nigga yous a yag
by rileyninja December 17, 2007
a fire, or to set light to somthing.
are you gonna yag that wud? or she's yaggy......hot, warm, likes bool.
by berwicka May 30, 2003
Yag is a way a person presents them selves. It can be abosulty anyone, but mostly targets white males/females around the age of 12-38. Majority if yag peolple are way to pale. A typical yag girl may own a shirt that says "Hottie" or "Cutie" across the front, or over/undersized sweatpants that have it printed across the anal area- when in fact, she is no wear near a hottie or cutie. Shes quite the opposite. Now a typically very yag boy might have blonde frosted tips on his hair, and trys to spike up the front with too much gel. or does not wash his hair. maybe owns a baggy button up shirt with flames on it, or pokemon. also maybe a black winter hat that he wears year round, with a crappy band printed on it. or maybe one of those necklaces with metel balls all coneccted together?. Now, people are able to "grow" out of yag, and leave it behind. but others....may god be with them.

Yag is a mix of Geto/whitetrash/muffin tops/pimples/frosted tips/bad taste in music/dirty/greasy/goth/horrible style/diarrhea face/hot mess/a big bucket of ugly/unpropperly fitted clothes/ and nasty.
"My god, Hot Topic is always loaded with yags."

"dude i saw this Yag chick..."

"Do you think theses shoes are a little too yag"

"a suppppper yag song came on today"

"i think im gunna dress up as a yag for halloween this year."
by The Yag Queenster July 28, 2008
To vomit or regurgitate
Yaks live in the mountains, but yag in the dessert.
by BobF August 17, 2006
To engage in flirtation with someone.
To engage in sexual intercourse with someone.
To find someone attractive.
To highly appreciate someone / something.
I yagged him/her on the dancefloor.
I took him/her home and yagged him/her.
I yag him/her.
I yag your car/skirt/shoes etc etc.
by yag May 19, 2006

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