To engage in flirtation with someone.
To engage in sexual intercourse with someone.
To find someone attractive.
To highly appreciate someone / something.
I yagged him/her on the dancefloor.
I took him/her home and yagged him/her.
I yag him/her.
I yag your car/skirt/shoes etc etc.
by yag May 02, 2006
(1) Not Ill.
(2) Urban Turkish word for "gay."
(1) "If Ross lived in Ill Room, it would be yag."
(2) "Denise is yag."
by Bryan K February 14, 2008
gay backwards
Man I don't care if they're yag cuz I'm not prejudice!
by Alecs Cook August 31, 2003
A word commonly used. Notice that it is "gay" spelt backwords. A general insult that can be put to any meaning and any person. To avoid seeming predjudice towards gays - say 'yag'.
"OMG! you are such a yag!"
"I cant believe you. You yag!"
"You're all a bunch of yags!"
by Surfer. October 11, 2009
it means to be gay or act like a fag (homosexual refrencing)
Dude quit being a yag.

My brother and his yag friends are in my room.
by -Hikaru03 December 18, 2007
a male who does not like other males but is still gay
man#1 ay what u listenin to on your kick

man#2 pretty ricky

man#1 damn nigga yous a yag
by rileyninja December 17, 2007
a funny way to make fun of gay people

Stupid yags!
John and Erik went out- there's two yags.
by bill is awesome April 04, 2007

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