A term used instead of faggot or gay because saying faggot usually means that they act in homosexual behavior and yag is just another insult that dosen't mean involving yourself in homosexual acts
That kid at the lunch table is a yag, I hate him
by GOHDxPoPaSMURFx April 28, 2011
Mr.Wickhams way of making fun of people who use the word gay, not meant to be offensive, but meant to be used in place of gays overuse
You guys all need to stop being so yag
That computer is being so yag
by john114590 October 21, 2007
Yag is "gay" spelt backwards, evidently describing someone who is homosexual, but dispises the "gay scene".
A backwards gay person, "yag" someone who doesnt want to conform to the "gay scene". Or rather, a gay person who HATES gay people.
"i'm a yag, deal with it!"
by yagger11 October 27, 2009
it lets everyone in the chat room that you went full retard.
19:52 KC: YAG
19:52 MIISH: hahahhahaaa
19:52 KC: wtf is yag lol
19:53 MANDA: LOL!
19:53 KASEY: <-- went full retard
19:53 MANDA: YAG?
by TrickyFishes August 18, 2009
young and gay or young and greazy or youngaz are gully.
note has nothing to do with being gay is just a word used for for someone in stockwell or brixton who talks about older boys like there in love with them.
also to yag is to do something for street rep.

alot of the people who were called yag turned it into young and greazy and will gladly classify them selves as yags.
as a whole they will be refered to as yag culture.
there is also a hand sign which is used to make fun of all the gang signs around these areas which is known as throwin it up which is to make the y a g sign with your fingers very fast.

also like another word for chav like a black chav maybe
oh tommy went and bought a gun he is such a yag.

(an older youth to his friends)dem yags are outta controll now or yag culture is outta controll.

(some one warning there friend ) dont go to stockwell the yags will rob you.

someone is telling you a story about how gangsta they are and you would(throw it up)the yag sign with out them seeing and people would laugh if they caught on.

boy a: i aint seen sean in a long time wats he been up to.
boy b: just yaggin.
or boy b: would just throw it up
by nezmann January 06, 2008
Just like LOL means Laugh Out Loud, YAG means You Are Gay.
ashl: LOL, ROFL, Oh Snap!

fudd: YAG!
by homer8190 November 08, 2007
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