An unintelligent person who is intolerant of others' choices or culture.
"That Bible thumping Bill O'Reilly is such a yag."
by hugedongman February 27, 2015
Yag is the backwards spelling of the word 'Gay.'

People use this in school to prevent saying the word gay.
Basically, Yag means gay.
Jade the yag
by Jadetube93 June 10, 2014
You Are Gay.
Used at the end of any sentence or phrase like LOL. It can be used to indicate a tone to your message or can be simply used as an insult.
"that guy was totally checking you out! YAG!"


" ok, see you tomorrow. YAG."
by osrevir February 17, 2009
used to describe a mellow environment.

Was thought up by Peaer of the famouse graffitti mobb E.M.R. Since stealing was essential in the life of writers, they had to come up with a word that would not be understood by store employees.Since asking a partner"is it hot" was too obvious, "yags" was then thought up and quicky replaced its synonym.
"hey john, is it yags?"
"yeah go for it man"
by the mobb February 16, 2005
Yag is a new revolution of the word ''Gay''. It literally means a backwards gay, which can be represented as not as sinister and can be used amoungst friends in various situations and states of conversation. The term yag was created by Nico SS
Examples are as follows:
-You complete yag
-Your Yagalicious
-You Yagsticle
-Go have a bizzle Yag

There are many siuations that this can be used for so why not just use it where ever you feel and see if it can be the new gay.
by Nico10101 May 18, 2010
Ice cream from Sweden. (Swedish ice cream).
Yes, I would like some yag.
by Corb March 14, 2005
adjective, -er, -est, noun, adverb

opposite of gay, especially a male.
1. I am yag.
2. You are yag.
3. gay people are not yag.
4. He is yag
by some (really) little kid... February 10, 2011
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