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A girl usually Hispanic(Puerto Rican) with brown hair and brown eyes. Has a big head, very smart sometimes uncool but acts blond at times. Usually has a big butt(like a willene) and a very good friend. Not a bitch like others. If a yadira u know is bitchy not a true yadira at heart.
Girl- yadira is so nice, shes a true friend
Boy-Yeah she cool and has junk in the trunk.*Hot looking Nerd she is*
smart geeky, bootilicious, blonde, big headed, lovely, nice, true friend
by ymslatina10 January 06, 2010
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a smart girl that tends to be childish at times and loves to cheer and smiles a lot but can be a little blonde at times!!
umm yadira should be a cheerleader...
by victor rivera parra June 12, 2008
A gorgeous girl usually Hispanic. Has dark-brown hair with beautiful brown eyes. Is very different from other girls. She is very smart, nice, sweet, caring and has a great sense of humor. She is an amazing friend! Loves to cheer people up at all times. She is loyal, faithful, fun and the best girlfriend anyone could ask for.
She has tunk in the trunk and is a wonderful girl.
1: Best girlfriend ever!

2: I love her eyes and that booty ;)

3: Wonderful, amazing girl!

4: Dam, look at that Yadira walking down the hallway!

5: REALEST friend.
by Bubblebee16 February 06, 2014
stupid, lame. A bad or unfun time.
Lets get out of here man, this party is yadira.
by Eric Schreck July 27, 2008

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