YADIDIMEAN= no what i mean,
we should go to 7-11, yadidimean
by NANA the BANANA August 12, 2005
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You know what I mean
Im the best there is, and ever was to do it, yadidimean.
by dolo May 29, 2004
Bay Area slang for: "You know what i mean?" or "You know what I'm saying?"
Hyphy is my word, yadidimean?
by keakinsneakin May 01, 2006
yadidimean translates to u know what i mean.
Yadidimean fa sho Yadidimean fa sheezy!
(know what i mean for sure know what i mean for sure(last for sure is congugated into eezy form)).
by myesha July 12, 2005
a phrase inquiring if someone knows what the other person means.
Person A: I'm gonna go dumb in my backpack, yadidimean?
Person B: Shahublaboopie!
by hapidonki March 07, 2007
know what i mean, know what i'm am saying.
choda boy: lets go pick up some rossi and a fifth of XO.
Joslin: YaDidIMean.
choda boy:Word
by Joslin August 17, 2005

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