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Another way of saying ''You know what I mean?'' This is usually said around the west.
''The west side is beast, yada mean?''
by West$ideHoney January 22, 2008
Do you understand what I mean?
That girl is shady yadamean?
by B. Jackson December 09, 2004
Do you know what I mean? do you feel me?
dem gurls are hella bomb widit yadamean
by n9ne1s6x March 17, 2006
u kno what i mean, u get what im sayin, u feel me
"Yadamean son?" "I dont think yall yadamean"
by zvick March 12, 2006
Yadamean. Is the new hip or sling way of sayiin you no what i mean it just now u put all the words together.So now the word sound more doper
oldschool"we stay grooving you no what i mean"
new school"we stay hyphy yadamean"
by ky hyphy chick ya dig February 03, 2007
you know what i mean?
lets go too my bed tonight baby yadamean
by alfonsoroxx310 March 30, 2009