u kno wat i mean?
a way to make sure the person ur talkin 2 understands u
tell me wen to go E-40 and Keak the Sneak

yadadamean?, yadadaimsayin tho?
ghost ride the whip
put ya stunna shades on
gas break dip
shake them dreadz

get stupid go dumb get hyphy
by Tracey-Nicolle August 10, 2006
you know what i mean?
this is some bullshit, yadada mean?
by KC Shawty September 18, 2008
A word which translates to "you know what I mean?" originating from the hyphy movement in the Bay Area. Popularized by Nation of Thizzlam Ministers E-40 and Keak Da Sneak, it has become a new dialect of ebonics.
Minister: And so da Lord said Be, and then it be, yadadamean?
White man: No nigger, speak English.
by giant24us December 07, 2007
Yay Area (Bay Area) Slang for "You know what I mean?"
The word was first brought to us in another form by East Coast Rappers Raekwon the Chef (and Im sure many cats off the streets broke it out first) by saying NAWMEAN? (Know what I mean?) Which is the same ish!
1 plus 1 equals 2 yadadamean? (NAWMEAN?)
by D-Tragic June 26, 2007
Its Ya Da Da Mean what you mean ignorant...
-YADADAI!!!: WAt it IS Nigga? or HEY!(sup with it)
"Ya Da Dai my nig..."
by Ally March 09, 2005
A bullshit word that gives people from the bay area a bad name.

Translates into= "you know what i mean?"

I was born in raised in the now-called "yay" area.
It's all bullshit and I can't wait until it passes.
Me: "Who the hell uses 'yadadamean' in actual language?"
My classmate: "I do, all the time."
by I'd rather not say. January 13, 2007
lol lol lol lol ..... its suppose to be ya wa da mean? not ya da da mean lol ignorant ass mofoes!
im from the sco and i STACK! ya-dadameen?
by homeOFtheBEST[415] knowledge.. January 27, 2005

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