An abbreviation of the phrase, "Ya Cunt!", which is used for a variety of reasons.

"YAC!" or "Ya Cunt!". Used as a casual greeting, an exclamation of disapproval and displeasure or farewell.
Instead of:
"Stop posting shit on masheads, Ya Cunt!"
"Stop posting shit on masheads, Yac!"

"Morning YAC!"

"Hi Alkifrolick!"
by cunt "ya cunt" January 04, 2008
Top Definition
cognac; see yak
sippin' on a pint of yac
by joshua February 04, 2004
Yards After Catch, used in football a lot
Tom has no YAC, he must suck at breaking tackles!
by Zak221133 October 30, 2006
An leathery old whiny woman who's extremely anal about grammar mistakes and uncool facebook statuses. Usually resembles an auntie of Rod Stewart.
Ha! You're a bloody Yac you are! I laugh in the face of Rod Stewart's auntie!
by GJR February 16, 2015
a reply to YOLO, meaning 'you're a cunt'
by Merriott June 26, 2012
"You're a cock sucker"
Hey Mark, YACS! Why? Because you suck cock!
by Prian Brior March 09, 2004
YAC Stands for Your Area Code. An acronym for the website YourAreaCode.com.

YourAreaCode connects You with the Hottest People, Places & Deals in Your Area.
Dude 1:Did you check out YAC to see what's going on tonight?
Dude 2: What's YAC
Dude 1: YourAreaCode.com
by YOURAREACODE.COM August 16, 2009
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