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(also ya hoe or ya-hoe)

1. A webcam internet slut found on Yahoo! chat.

2. Any woman that you meet on the internet that shows her tits on cam within ten minutes of coaxing. They are often added to buddy lists of instant messaging services for future entertainment.
1. It only took me 2 minutes to get this ya hoe's titties on cam!

2. I'm amassing ya hoes to keep me entertained on rainy days.
by SPiKe January 27, 2004
am internet slut, one who goes online to get laid...be it cyber or real life hook up
Using yahoo messenger to meet some one to fuck for that night.
by Wanda November 20, 2003
a internet hoochie, cyber sex hoochie
that bitch a hoochie
by jd February 22, 2005