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saying alright,right, and go.
Let get the game started ya-ha
by Paul Kanu March 05, 2008

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The most awesome amazing fantastic place to go.
There will never be anywhere like it,
it will exist in roughly ten years.
In ten years, everyone will want to go to YAHA
Kettle: What do you want to do tonight?
Donkey Kong: Let's stay in and watch Oprah reruns!
Zelda: Yeah that sounds amazing!
Puggle: FUCK THAT! Let's go to YAHA.
by YAHApuggle September 05, 2008
Ya Ha - Yes, Sure, Of Course.. etc etc
"So you coming out den?"
"Ya ha!"
by xx.:~*Chazza*~:.xx June 01, 2005
An acronym meaning "Young At Heart Adults"
Our new advertising campaign has increased brand awareness among the YAHAs by 13%.
by SoCal Robert June 18, 2008