it normally means yo momma
"yo girl is a butta-face ass hoe". "FUCK YOU NIGGA YA MUM".
by yayareahottie August 10, 2005
Mitchell's mum
I seen ya mum playing soccer bare foot with a medicine ball in Tasmania
by Anonymous August 11, 2003
commanly used by dumb townies usually followed by innit, who have nothing better to say or do cos they still have a mental age of six and think there well ard' govner, when really they are complete tossers who no-one like, should die
townie scum
by luke December 09, 2003
scalli/townie phrase, used as an insult.
YA NO U, YUR SCUM OF ERF, SCUM OF ERF I SAY. YA MUM! - scallism at max.
tell ya mum i left the money on the fridge!!

shit ur phone had fuk all vibration! yea so does ya mum
ya mum is so fat she has 2 iron her pants on the drive way
by steger January 08, 2004
Adding to what i said earlier...

shut ya mum, meaning shut up.

Also, something to say when you dont know what else to say.
Zoe: "blah blah im zoe *screeching laughter"
Me: "shut ya mum zoe"

Zoe: "why do you hate me
Me: "erm, ya mum"

"did you have sex with my boyfriend"
"ya mum"
by sunnybunch May 04, 2003
Ya Mum licks my anas
A:Why do you lick anus?
B:Ya mum licks my anus
by Ya Mum July 01, 2003

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