Just a common insult, over used, over rated.(british version)
Ya mum
by Gspong March 16, 2003
The corner worker that guy slept with last night ;)
by Anonymous November 11, 2002
Tim's mother.
Tim, ya mum's a busty ho.
I said YA MUM.
My mother? What about her?
I ripped her open.
by ya mum November 17, 2003
a bunch of guys in a production company aiming to make fools out of themselves
i did yamum.net
i thikn that might be a bit sly
by SilentMark July 29, 2003
Most notable call of the Pikes, after a NORMAL person has offended them in some way by mentioning their dad or their house. Usually followed by GorgeBred or GUMSY!!!
"YA MUM, talk about youir house again i'll rob them boots of ya feet,GUMSY"
by Oliver Johnson December 02, 2003
The woman i plugged my internet connection in to get some hardcore porn
I sure could go for some of your mum right now
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
A really lame comeback, for people who can't think of a decent one in time. Was very popular for a time, but now has died down. These comebacks are related to the "Yo Mama" jokes which are just as bad.
Person 1 - Go fuck yourself.
Person 2 - Ya mum...ummm...yeah! Ya mum fucks herself, hahaha wasn't that awesome guys, Burn Person 1!
by shadow77110 November 30, 2006

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