ya mum is a word u say when u hav no comeback
-how was ya sleep
-ya mum
by Samdawg April 25, 2007
Townies think it is the most feared insult in the world or a reply to everything. A common response if a townie says 'ya mum' is to laugh.
" shut up "
" don't worry about it, so's your mum"
by R*chxx June 29, 2004
a) An insult towards another person when they act smarter
b)somthing to say when theres nothing to say
c) an insult when your pissed at sum annoying mutha fucka
a) emma: nononono, 5% is 0.005 of 100!
sam: ya mum is 5% of 100
b) emma:blahblahblah im hungry
manda: ya mum
c) emma: WAAAAHHH my life sux, NIrvana rock!
manda: ya mum!!!
emma: what about her?
manda: shes ur mum
by Manda June 08, 2004
y=25 a=1 m=13 u=21 m=13
25 1 13 21 13 is a horny bithch
by ian winter goodwin big daddy r September 13, 2003
A insult often used in jokes such as the following:
Your mums so fat when her peeper went off they thought she was reversing.
by jennifer robinson December 05, 2003
an insult or a phrase peoples use, its so funny!
ya mum is!
ya mum did it! ya mum wants ya! i srewed ya mum last nite!
by ya mum rules! November 06, 2003
The retort used to an insult when no other reply can be immediately generated.
Loco/Spooky/Mario/Luigi/Raygun/SuperSammo/XcoR...ya mum.
by Goon February 14, 2004
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