When somebody says something really random, a fag normaly a twat, bastard, nerd, geek or just a dickface monkey dick, says: 'Yamum' this normaly means that the fag wants try and be funny, but blatently not.

God: Hello jesus, I would like to know somthink
Jesus: Hey father, what do you want to know?
God: Well, I need you to do somthing for me, very importent, you need to 'gather the kids'
Jesus: YAMUM!
God: Over these past days, I've grown big concers over you.
where my dick lives

also where all my friends dicks live
'Dude, Where were you last night?'
'Ya Mum!'
by lickingofballs November 03, 2007
Usually used as a comeback when you have nothing else
When you ask ya mumma whats for dinner she opens her legs and says TUNA SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!
by RAnnaR February 09, 2006
a really bad comeback; what you say when you have nothing else to say
person 1: what are yu doin ?
person 2: ya mum
by anonymous4353785 October 28, 2008
Ya mum is a term commonly used by human beings for several humorous reasons.... The first of which can be dated back to the year of 1874 and is exactly this...

REASON 1: You are a retard and have nothing more intelligent to say at this moment.

REASON 2: You're a funny kunt(or so you believe) and think you're smart.


See what I did there? I was(am) actually too drunk to Write anything decent as reason 3 because I am beyond thinking at this current time.
ya mum is a stone cold fox
by The Master of May 13, 2008
the REAL spelling of the words YOUR MOTHER!
Steven: "Your mum's your uncle!!"

Glean: "YAMUM!"
by Yamum March 14, 2004
An insult when someone is annoyin u
dont av a cow YA MUM already had one
by jennifer robinson December 05, 2003
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