one of the best insults EVER cause there rly isnt a reply insult. used when;
1)u have NO idea what the insult meant
2)u have no other comeback
3)u dont know how to answer the qn or cbf
1) Davo: omgsh look at the MINGER!!!
Julie: ya mum's a minger!
Bill: zing

2) Davo: Julie's ugly!!!
Julie: ya mum!!

3) Bill: oi, davo!
Davo: yeh?
Bill: what's the time?
Davo: ya mum
by sexii May 30, 2007
Commonly used when someone bags you and you can't think of anything to come back with!
Joe: G'day Bob, hows it hangin'?
Bob: Ya mum's hangin?
Joe: Ya Fat!
Bob: Ya Mum's Fat!
Joe: What did I do to do?
Bob: Ya Mum did something to you!

"Joe has logged out."
by Mr. Ownage April 06, 2004
this is a sensitive call, if you say it to the wrong person, you can die. alright?!? ALRIGHT?!?!?!
"oi shut up"
"ya mum"
by sickmad beast February 23, 2010
1. Self explanatory. Your. Mum.

2. The ultimate standby when unable to think of an insulting comeback.

3. Or, for the ultra-dumb, s phrase used commonly throughout the day for absolutely no reason.
1. "Who's on the phone?"
"Ya mum again."
"Damn it."

2. "You're a douchebag!"
"Ya mum is a douchebag!"

3. "Hi."
"Ya mum."
"How's it going?"
"Ya mum."
"What day is it?"
"Ya mum."
by ya mum. November 23, 2006
The woman that is my girlfriend.
Me and ya mum are going to look at some walruses at the zoo.
by Bowen Zhu May 12, 2008
a way of paying out someone and their mother. good phrase if you have a bad vocab.
Augustus: What are you doing up so late brother?
Bartholumew: Ya mum.
by Maddizzle May 26, 2004
1.) The universal comeback that cool people use.
2.) What I did last night.
3.) Popular schoolyard taunt.
Loser: "You SUCK!!"
You: "Ya mum sucks."
Loser: "That was uncalled for."
You: "Ya mum was uncalled for, but she still came... last night!
Loser: *shot down, butthurt.*
You: *Awesomeness.*
by PerfectPudding December 05, 2007
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