Ya mum is commonly used as an irrefutable comeback when properly used. The result is best if it implies something to do with the insultees mum being sexually active. Being females the results are funny as we dont REALLY like ya mum.

(Works best when a straight female says it to add confusion)

Davo: Hey cockhead.
Bobbio: Your mum likes cockheads.


Davo: What were you doing on the weekend?
Bobbio: I was doing ya mum doggy style.


Davo: Oh My God! I was so excited.
Bobbio: Ya Mum was excited, when I shagged her!
#your mum #insults #come backs #yo mum #ya mam #pineapple!
by Sarah And Kitty April 28, 2006
yamum is slang word for "your mother" or "your mum".
"u know who else loves it?? -- Yamum!"
by CoRzA April 05, 2005
i had meat ball for lunch..
ya mum ate my balls
i hade sex with ya boyfriend...
ya mum did
by ya mum November 18, 2003
refering to ur mum, can lead into sentences like ya mums ass ya mums penis ya mums boobs
Ya mums so fat that when she jumped into the pacicfic ocean it became the pacific dessert
#ass #boobs #fat #dessert #ocean #pacific
by Mr. wank September 26, 2006
A phrase that is useful to include in insults when learning another language, so then you can insult people's mothers and they don't even know it.
puedo tenor sexo con tu mama en tu cama?
which is spanish for can i have sex with ya mum in your bed?
#mother #sex #your #spanish #mum
by veryspecialperson November 30, 2005
A lame, but funny joke. Note that it's not an insult.
"Ya mum"
"Ya mum's mum"

"You suck"
"Ya mum sucks"
by Marbarian May 03, 2005
Ya Mum is a good pay out and makes people go SILENT
Ben- Ur Gay
Billy- Ya Mums Gay

1- Go away u Homo
2- Thats not what ya Mum said

Ben - Where were u last night
Billy- In YA MUMS bedroom suckin her cock!
Ben - WHAT!

1- Dont pay ot me Mum
2- Im Not im just sayin shes good at it!
#funny #hilarious #ya mum #nice #perfect
by funny one here September 20, 2007
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