ya mum is what people usually say when they can't think of any comebacks
person1: whatcha doing?
person 2: ya mum
by qwedfgbnmzxcvghjiopqwertyuiopa October 30, 2013
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awesome comeback for lowlifes who have no other decent insult to use
Fred: What's the time, man?
Jess: YA MUM!
by watafuckinghore March 27, 2009
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via giphy
by makingbabieswithmynan May 08, 2017
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a really bad comeback; what you say when you have nothing else to say
person 1: what are yu doin ?
person 2: ya mum
by anonymous4353785 October 28, 2008
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Used after a question, generally as a joke or an "insult"
Ya mum.
by lily_wrote_this December 19, 2010
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