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ya mam is what people commonly known in great britan as 'chavs' say .If a individuale ever says this to you they are impling they want to have sexual intercourse or any other form of sexual activity with your mother.and is mostly a certain type of peoples (chavs) social word.
this is to 'chavs' one is asking the question and the other is repling by using the word 'ya mam'.

q) what are you doing tommorow

a) ya mam

this is usually followed (if in a group) by laughter as to certain individuals it appears funny.
by remaing un-identified August 31, 2005
A phrase used by chavs meaning i had sex with ya mam or just trying to bring your mam into the conversation. Many chavs use this as they think everyone gets offended when you mention their mam. Its funny the first time but after that when people start saying it to every little thing it gets boring.
Chav: ya mam
me: what about her?
Chav: i shagged her last night
Me: i know you did, she said you were shit.
by Craigeth December 08, 2006
something alot of teenagers say as a come back to almost anything. A common phrase which is a gentle insult, but is still counted as an insult.
"what was you doing last night"
"ya mam"
by Jo-J October 21, 2007
A favourite insult among chavs it is their answer to everything and they think they are really hard when they say it and that it makes such a big impact on people
Person: oi chav!
chav: ya mam!
person: yea....what about her?
by Justin (chav hater) March 29, 2005
when sum1 says ya mam to a question.ha ha ha
LEIGH-YA MAM ha ha ha
by leigho November 14, 2004
a very common insult used alot on the internet between "friends" basically the same as ya mam and ya mum but because people cant be bothered to press the space bar now and then yamam seems so much easier. Can be used in all kind of situations and either ends up killing (ending) the conversation or u end up gettin bitch slapped. is also an opputunity to expand your small vocabulary by adding other offensive terms to piss off ur mates. is normally the only answer u can get from a question no one wants to answer

yamam has got to be one of the best words in the world, now go forth and engage in the phenomenon of YAMAM!!!
ash:wanna go pkin?

ash:lo, u there?

ash:buy WoW its great
me:so is yamam

me:go fuck yamams crusty pussyhole u motherfucking cock munchin cunt faced nob jockey
by jaytac August 02, 2006
Phrase used as a common insult in schools around the country, also used as a greeting in the non-affulent areas of most towns. In a strong bristolian accent, this is pronounced yer ma.
Oof: Oi chris!
by Oofers April 26, 2005
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