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A child who claims to be a 90s kid but secretly hates his mom for popping him out a few seconds too late. Usually is an asshole.
y2k kid: "All these cartoons suck no-"
Anybody else: "Shut the fuck up"
by Chmp April 06, 2014
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Y2K kids

Is from the year 1999-2000 as a classification of kids. Mostly the year that kids grew up with Sponge Bob or Pokemon Manga. Y2K kids are a year genre, for example 90's kids or 80's kids, the Y2K kids grew up when technology was getting really advanced and cartoons were still good but, completely got ruined in the year 2005.
1. Eww, Y2K kids suck, they grew up in the stupid generation, us 90's kids are way better.
2. I can't stand the 10's us Y2K kids have way more self control than those stupid brats.
by Y2K kids March 31, 2014

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