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A way southerners say "you all" but it's much better and cooler.

Southerners originally invented the word, but now it has been copied by rappers, because even they know it's cooler (rappers are dumbasses.)

northerners consider themselves better, and smarter than southerners for not using this word, but all that not using it really does is makes them seem like
Hey yall.
by jpick012 September 01, 2008
69 44
A southern contraction turned into a pop culture slang. To people in the south "yall" is used to distinguish themselves as southern so not to be confused with New Yorkers or otherwise "Yankee bastards" despite the obvious distinction in accents. In the north "yall" is used as a comedy staple to stereotype what yankees refer to as "idiots" and otherwise "ignorant rednecks."

In popular culture, "yall" carries the same stereotype as the northern taboo only it grants several comedians the ability to mock and otherwise satirize their own culture such as Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy.
"Yall wanna come to Herbert's field and go cow tippin'?"
by Slayzar May 29, 2007
65 41
Stands for you all. pretty much all southerners use it. "all y'all" and "all of yall" are both correct. I'm from houson and I use y'all all the time, even though I went to Yale
What are y'all doin' tonight?
by Chris90 February 17, 2006
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Y'all is a Southern-Created contraction of, "You," and, "All." Often misspelled, "Ya'll," which is so plainly uncorrect. The 'a' isn't a part of 'you'! I mean, that's like, 'i'ts' the 'T' being a part of 'is'!
Y'all come back now, y'hear!

Haven't y'all clicked the link to my name yet to see my other definitions?!
by Leiko October 05, 2004
98 80
All of you. Used when adressing someone or something
Yalls gonna make me lose my cool.
by saa March 01, 2005
22 7
(noun, plural and possessive) Possession or ownership by two or more persons.
Derived from you + all, similar to yourns'
'S that there stuff y'all's?
by Tagg February 09, 2007
17 3
when a black person says it, its ghetto.
when a white person says it, its country.
black guy: how y'all doing
guy 2: get yo ghetto as outta hear.

white guy: how y'all doing
guy2: damn redneck..
by Anonymous-DUDE August 09, 2010
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