Y'all is the contractive of 'you all'

It is plural, refering to two or more people. If you use it to refer to one person you will sound ignorant and any nearby Southern will know that you are not really from around those parts.

Very common in the South, it is rare to find someone (excluding Florida, and that's only because of all the Yankees down there) that doesn't use y'all.

Saying y'all makes so much more sense than the ever-popular you guys, you guyses, or even you all. It is much shorter and gets the point across much faster. And takes less breath.

It is never ya'll. The 'a' is not a part of you, it's a part of all (you wouldn't spell it out as youa ll, would you?).
Phoebe: What're you doing tonight?
Greg: Chris and I are going to the movies. We're seeing *insert good movie here*
Phoebe: Y'all suck! I've wanted to see that movie for forever!
by Leventhall February 28, 2008
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contraction for you-all
what is going on with y'all?
by care November 30, 2002
Southern 2nd person plural pronoun. Most concise and easily distinguished. Despite the assurance of some emails that have been passing around, "y'all" is plural. Only an absolute idiot would use it as a singular pronoun.
Where are y'all going?
by Jacob August 11, 2004
A word used by Southerners when addressing more than one person. Better than that stupid yankee term "you guys"
How yall doin?
by JCMoney May 04, 2004
contraction for you all. Despite what some think, it is not only used by hicks and the uneducated. People from all walks of life, traditionally the southern states use it.
Hey y'all, over here!
by S.C. Girl September 26, 2005
The best way to address two or more people. Better than: you guys, youse guys, and you all! Yes, I live in Southern Alabama, and yes, I attended Harvard!
Please shut up, y'all!!!
by Laura December 11, 2004
A southern contraction of the term, "you all."
And mind you, that we southerners get very offended when stupid people think anyone who says it is a hick. Shut the hell up.
"Hey, what are y'all doing tonight?"
by sexy blue thing July 15, 2005
How idiots spell y'all.
Idiot: ya'll are crazy omfg n00bs

Non-idiot: Y'all are crazy!
by anonymous March 14, 2005

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