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A way one can dismiss concerns and/or animosity others have towards them. Can refer to practically anything, but usually is reserved for illicit or illegal things.
Moneesha: "I'ma have sex with whoeva I want! It don' even matta!"
Tyra & Monique, Moneesha's Friends: "You need to stop Moneesha! You're going to end up dead or with a disease. We're really worried about you."
Moneesha: *waiving hands and pointing fingers* "Whateva! Whateva! Y'all don' know me! Y'all don' know me!"
by ACG2x September 29, 2004
A way of tellin them not to front cuz they don't know shit about u, know what im sayin?
Aw bitch you best believe I ain't no whore!! Y'all don't know me! Y'all don't know me!
by dododo March 02, 2003
You aint no friend of me.
"I know you from somewhere." "You aint no friend of me."
by Quannesha October 21, 2003
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