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an initial invitation of the ritual of buttsecksing, it involves inserting the umaro into another's butt with the promise of repeated insertion

see also se><0r t3h f4c3
you:y halo thar, buttsecks?
by GAWD it hurts!11! January 17, 2004
An entity who attempts to gain shoutouts on the #gdjb chat channel. One who annoys anyone named tigerclaw.
* tigerhalotharbuttsecksmikehunt was kicked by TigerClaw (TigerClaw)

<Jordan_H> i doubt markus wants to talk in here if yall are talkin about cunts and buttsex

TigerClaw: you said MY CUNT on the air.. how is YHALOTHARBUTTSECKS worse?
by Anonymous February 08, 2004
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