This sexy rapper has mad s name for hisself by rapping with people like ice cube and snoop.
Ice Cube and Snoop Dog
by Phylicia Pooler March 04, 2005
one of the sexiest rapper in my opinion who's much hotter than 50cent (the one who's not even worth a dollar), Akon and all the other lame ass rappers that invade our radios.

Too bad his tunes remain underground and that he had to resort to MTV's pimp my ride to stay in the spotlights. Okay i admit it, he's a bit of a sellout but i love him all the same! could i hate someone with a smile like this? (ok i'm a groupie on that one i know!)
by Alrune December 25, 2005
Born 18 September 1974, West Coast Rapper, lived in Detroid till his mother passed away when he was nine. Started rappin at 10 and at 14 he got into trouble so he got removed from his home. Eventually he found himself with Snoop, Dre & Eminem and they became good friends.He is also presenting Pimp my Ride on MTV. Also known as X to the Z or X.
I stay strong where there right or wrong
Trough the Struggle, I will live on
X-Zibit - Back to the way it was
by NASA Pimp April 01, 2006
He has been keeping it real for a while. Unfortunately he does not get the credit he deserves. He has good raps good beats and he is original but the public does not give him enough recognition.
The following are some of Xzibit"s best songs: X, What U See is What U Get, Thank You, Mean Muggin, Multiply, Say My Name.. And there are more.
by Da Prophet92 August 27, 2008
A decent rapper until he fucked hiself making the song concentrate.Bumass nigga.He fuckin said lift some weights, eat some steaks.
Xzibit fan1:You heard the song Concentrate by Xzibit?
X Xzibit Fan: Yeah it goes:

"Hibernate, consummate
Man was made to procreate
My estate, generates
As if my family name was Gates
Days of grace, lift big plates
Why be good nigga, go be great
Hit the breaks, crack them crates
Have you on the run goin state to state
Contemplate, demonstrate
Mind over mayhem, no mistakes
Lift some weights, eat some steaks
But you don't really want that face to face
But let's relax, check your traps
Don't let yo' concentration snap
I love the way she arch her back
Like how a muh'fucker 'sposed to handle that?"

Ex Xzibit Fan:Yea that song was Dookie.

by JDubbz/Young BK December 01, 2006
Rap's poster boy for unfulfilled promise. An artist who is more famous for his friends than his flow.
With Pimp my Ride, Xzibit has finally sold out.
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